Writing how I help my mother

Mom often calls me “my assistant” – and not for nothing, because we try to do all the household chores together. So it works not only faster, but also much more fun.

Most of all I like helping my mother in the kitchen. I cleaned vegetables, cut mushrooms, rubbed cheese, and myself, meanwhile, carefully watching how my mother cooks a dish. And although I’m just a beginner, I can cook borsch on my own, cook apple casserole or bake a cake.

I do not really like cleaning, but it’s not boring with my mom: we sing our favorite songs, share news, or just keep secrets.

We have a lot of flowers at home, and I love to water them. When our green pets blossom in the spring and summer, we have a real holiday.

Thanks to my mother, every day I comprehend the wisdom of housekeeping. After all, when I grow up, I will have my own family, and I really want to become a real hostess by that time.

In the wise folk proverb says: “Cause is time, and fun – hour!” In my life I try to follow this rule. Therefore, when my mother asks me to help around the house, I never refuse.

Many of my friends believe that homework is boring and monotonous. But this is not so! It is enough to fantasize a little – and everyday affairs turn into a fairy-tale adventure. The vacuum cleaner becomes a hungry dragon, looking for fat lamb in the meadows, a broom – a teacher of ballroom dances, and a dust collector – a sweet, picking up sweet crumbs everywhere.

The secret of this transformation was revealed to me as a child by my mother. So now we cheerfully take up any work: we clean, cook, go to the store for food, water the flowers, take out the garbage – and feel a little magical.

But how nice it is then to drink tea together in a clean cozy kitchen, there is a vanilla-smelling pie and listen to interesting daddy stories. At such moments you feel really happy.

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Writing how I help my mother