Protect mothers

Glorify the woman Mother, whose love is not

Knows the barriers, whose breast is nurtured the whole world!

M. Gorky

About the mothers, as M. Gorky wrote, you can talk endlessly. Because the love that the mother bestows on her child is boundless. And most importantly – disinterested.

Moms know that we love them. But our love, even a very large and faithful, is not comparable to maternal love. We grow up. Our personal problems, affairs fill our heads and hearts. It seems that there is nothing more important in the world. We come home, hastily eat and try to quickly leave for our room. We have lessons, telephone conversations, new disks… So every day. Moms are trying to talk to us, to find out, to find out… But more often than not we dissuade ourselves by insignificant phrases.

Stop, my friend! Come to think again! Not too late. You have not yet deeply hurt my mother’s heart, but if it goes on… No, my mother will not stop loving

you: no mother’s heart is capable of this. But her grief you multiply. And neither you nor I have the right to do this.

Once I read about the fact that the son shares his mother’s apartment and property through a court. The son kept repeating during the trial that he wanted everything to be “according to the law, in fairness,” that he “did not need anything extra.” I was horrified at such behavior of the son, such hardness of his soul. Believed that in life this does not happen. I was happy when, in response to another “I do not want anything extra,” the judge said: “It’s the most unnecessary thing to do on the ground with a mother, and you say you do not need too much.” These words were spoken in a tone that can not be appealed.

Most of us are not like this son. But still our mothers do not get enough from us. We postpone sometimes our gratitude and kindness for later, forgetting that this “sweat” may not be. A. Yashin has such a piercing poem “Hurry up to do good deeds.” It is not about the mother, but about the

stepfather and grandmother, but the intonation and meaning correspond to our theme. The poem ends like this:

Now I have passed thousands of roads –
I could buy the bread of the house, I could cut down the house…
There is no stepfather,
And the old woman is dead…
Hurry to do good deeds!

Good deeds for every mother is the absence of grief from us. It is said to be a minimum program. Do not be shy to tell your mother about your friendship with a girl, your frankness is a balm for your soul. Before making a difficult decision, ask your mom for advice and listen to him. Mother does not advise her son bad. Hurry to be the first to congratulate mom on her birthday! Try not to do bad deeds, so that my mother would not be ashamed of you! When you grow up, do not forget to take care of it. Remember that roles have changed: now she needs your help.

“Honor your father and mother,” – this God’s commandment must be strictly observed. Without this it is difficult to become a worthy and respected person. Disregard for parents, ingratitude to them is a vice that people do not forgive. Who would want such a person to do good? Who will conduct common business with him? After all, he does not respect his mother with his father, whom he will respect, appreciate, to whom he will be grateful!? Let the grateful, careful, caring attitude to parents become the dictates of the soul, conscience, and not the 51st article of the Constitution.

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Protect mothers