Love for the mother

Only one person in the whole world is able to understand and forgive any of our petty negligence and gross mistake. This is exactly what the author tells the reader about his mother, which reveals the characteristic features of maternal love and devotion to his child. The worldly wisdom of our mothers protects us throughout life, helping not to get off the right track.

The connection between a man and his mother goes through a strong, invisible thread through his whole life. Starting from a quiet song at the cradle, Mom becomes the most faithful friend and wise mentor.

Maternal care consists not only in washing, cleaning and cooking. Who will regret a mother better than a mother, caress and calm her? Only gentle, native hands with their touch will relieve pain and fatigue. Only warm mother’s lips will alleviate physical and moral suffering.

The kid ran after the flying, motley butterfly, stumbled, fell backwards, tore off his hands, roared with fright and pain.

Mom picked up her hands, pressed her to her chest, blew on bleeding wounds, touched a light kiss to the tear-stained eyes, while comforting in a calm, affectionate voice. The child calmed down, occasionally sobbing, wrapped his arms around his mother’s neck, cocked his head to his own shoulder and smiled happily.

Believe that the torn hands of his son bake in the mother’s heart with pain that surpasses at times any, her own, pain.

Mom, like a bird, carefully protects his child from adversity and danger with a reliable wing. Do not sleep at night at the crib of a sick kid. He holds his hand tightly when he is scared or lonely. Helps with school lessons. He advises in the first difficult situations. Teaches human kindness. the ability to make friends and love, help and compassion. Be open, honest and humane. Protect and protect nature and animals. who were in trouble.

Moms wisely lead the life, and always try to find an excuse for our mistakes, because the day of them we always remain children – the most loved and the best.

Maternal love is the bottomless cup of angelic patience; worldly wisdom; sincere kindness; inexhaustible warmth of the heart; tireless, disinterested care and endless devotion.

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Love for the mother