What is maternal love

Maternal love is the most beautiful and strong feeling, it is a huge force capable of working miracles, reviving to life, saving from dangerous diseases. Maternal love is multifaceted, it manifests itself in selfless surrender, caring, unrest for one’s own child. I will prove my words with concrete examples.

Let us turn to A. Aleksin’s text. The mother of the protagonist – first-grader Tolya – loves his son very much. Her love manifests itself in excitement and emotion. That is why on September 1, when Tolya first goes to school, she secretly follows him. Tolya feels himself on this day as an adult, so he does not want Mom to see him off to school. But for the mother, he will always be a child. At some point Tolya understands his mother’s excitement and he wants to calm her down. Maternal love can not be unnoticeable.

The force of maternal love and the heroine of the story of L. E. Ulitskaya “Daughter of Bukhara” amaze the mother. Bukhara not only showed concern for her own child, she committed a maternal feat, giving herself up to the education of her daughter Mila, who had Down syndrome. Even when she was mortally ill, her mother thought about her daughter’s whole future life: she arranged for a job, found her a new family, her husband, and only after that allowed herself to die.

Thus, motherly love makes the child’s life full and happy.

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What is maternal love