Favorite poet of the Silver Age writing

A great poet of the twentieth century can rightly be considered Anna Andreevna Akhmatova. This great woman, thanks to her strong will, high education, chose the spiritual path, and although she belonged to the era of wars and revolutions, she did not go on about the totalitarian regime. Her feelings were very simple and clear. Anna Akhmatova wrote for those who are able to empathize and feel, and did not succumb to the fashion trend at that time to write for people of “higher grade” with a special mindset. She just wrote about what she lives and breathes, not making an idol of herself, and her poems were very beautiful, and many even are adorable.

Akhmatova belonged to the literary current called acmeism. Adherents of this current glorified the beauty and value of human existence. This choice was not accidental, at that time many writers wanted to get away from the fragility and nebulosity of symbolism, which tried to look for veiled feelings in the secret corners

of the mind, not seeing what was most important was on the surface. The poet tried to embellish her world, but at the same time remained within the visible images, and it is for this that many love her.

Her heroines were eternal women: mothers, wives, mistresses. Many lyrical images were written off from themselves and, probably, therefore, its lines penetrate and touch the strings of the female soul. Her poetry is extraordinary. Reading her poems, you feel that you seem to peer into the mirror of your mind. As if your thoughts, feelings, thoughts are heard, but only more originally stated in the verses. Women’s problems do not have much time difference, they remain unchanged. Times and mores, generations and fashion only change. Therefore, the poetry of Akhmatova is still relevant today. She is read out, completely sharing her feelings and thoughts.

If I am asked why Anna Andreevna Akhmatova became my favorite poet of the Silver Age, I will answer very simply: she is very close to me in spirit, close to my heart, only to her words I want to add my own, only her problems I want to share. In the era of

the “Silver Age” there were a lot of talented poets – men, therefore Akhmatova stands out against their background. Her poem wants to re-read and re-read, learn a few lines. Therefore, no matter how talented the poet is – a man, he can never so feminely convey his thought and feeling:

“You smoke a black pipe,

So strange is the smoke above her.

I put on a tight skirt,

To seem even slimmer “

The poetry of this extraordinary, great woman is destined to immortality. It has been read and will be read by many generations, it will become the yardstick of universal values.

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Favorite poet of the Silver Age writing