Mother heart

The writing about my mother is better written from the first person with gratitude to my mother.

The maternal heart loves its children in all situations, ever since on one wonderful and unforgettable day in the life of a mother takes her baby in her arms. The desire to raise a child who will meet all expectations and expectations, from that day, takes all the thoughts of the mother, and only the child now loves her loving mother’s heart undividedly.

Mom, Mom! You are worthy of these gentle sincere words. I look at you and remember my carefree childhood. You gave us life with your sister and dedicated yourself to us. How can your heart love us so much! What a pity that we do not think that sometimes our actions or harsh words can offend you. Forgive us for the fact that we upset you, that sometimes you listen to the teachers’ remarks about our bad behavior.

We should often think about how not to hurt your heart, how to do so that the wrinkles on your face

are smoothed out. The older we become, the more you need our attention and love. We should not be embarrassed to be kind and gentle with mom, do not take it for work to be patient and attentive to it.

Unclaimed and unspent good feelings run low, we get used to being callous and ungrateful with the closest and most loved person – mother. And very often it happens that we behave prudently and rudely: “If you buy me a new phone, I’ll try to get a high rating for geography, if you allow me to go to a party, I’ll take a bucket – with garbage.”

We must love our life for the fact that she gave us mom – such a cheerful, sincere, kind, wise. After all, how many children in this world are deprived of this happiness. The mother’s heart and boundless maternal love do not warm them, do not fill their children’s lives with meaning.

Mom, you have become for me a friend, like-minded person who understands and respects my interests. You always listen to what your maternal heart tells you, and give the right advice. Thank you, Mom, for what you are, and that your heart is always ready to love and forgive!

Here, on this grateful note, you must finish the composition about your mother.

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Mother heart