Writing is my class my friends

I have many friends. I met some of them in kindergarten, others live with me on the same street. When I went to school, I had new friends, with whom I study in the same class. I like to spend time with them – to walk, play games, watch movies and even do homework together.

Among all the guys with whom I communicate, there are two whom I consider my best friends. One of them is Vadik. We met on the first of September, the first time I came to school. I was very worried and worried then, and Vadik, on the contrary, was cheerful and smiling. We stood side by side on the ruler, and he began to cheer me up with all sorts of jokes. Since then we are friends. With Vadik always interesting, because he is bold and does not fear anything, and also laughs a lot. Someone might think that it is not serious, but it is not. Vadik is a very reliable friend, he never deceived me and always helped me.

Tanya is my best friend. She’s the daughter of my mother’s friend. We met when we were very young. Tanya is like a sister to me. She lives on the other side of the city, and we see each other when our mothers visit each other. When we meet, Tanya and I share what happened during this time. I try to help her and explain what she does not understand at school. To our arrival, Tanya and her mother usually prepare all sorts of goodies, and we sit at the table for a long time listening to music and talking.

I love all my friends because I like to communicate with them.

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Writing is my class my friends