Writing about gratitude

What is real gratitude? It is on this problem that the famous Russian literary critic and publicist I. Ilyin reflects. In the essay the author regretfully says that “modern mankind does not appreciate what is given to him,” does not want to create and create, but only wants “to dispose and enjoy.” I. Ilyin condemns us for greed, envy, lack of gratitude.

According to the publicist’s deep conviction, it is gratitude, having settled in the souls of Russians, that must cleanse them of envy and hatred and fill their hearts with love and kindness. I. Ilyin firmly believes that real gratitude is the answer of a living, loving heart to the benefaction rendered to him. I completely share the author’s point of view, because gratitude, in my opinion, is a gift that is not given to everyone. We must learn to respond with kindness to kindness and love.

Let us recall the novel by F. M. Dostoyevsky “Crime and Punishment”. How much suffered poor Sonia Marmeladova, how many sleepless nights she spent in tears, until she saw in the eyes of Rodion Raskolnikov gratitude for all that Sonya had done for him. Do not have time to thank his adoptive father Yushka the heroine of the story of the same name, A. Platonov.

Having graduated from the medical institute in Moscow and did not wait for the person who was dear to her heart, she came to the village where her father lived. There she learns of his death and remains forever in the village to treat people for the illness from which Yushka died. Maybe this is gratitude? Gratitude to the person who has learned it. By his example, Yushka’s adopted daughter will not only treat people from tuberculosis, but also teach them kindness, joy, and spiritual generosity. Here it is, the answer of a lively, loving heart to the benefaction given to it.

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Writing about gratitude