Orphaned writing

The family is the main value in the life of any person. Family is a place where people love and wait for us. Family – these are people whom we love, who we care about, to whom we wish good and happiness.

From time to time a miracle happens in the family. It’s a miracle when children are born in it. In the first minutes of life, all babies are very similar to each other. But life is harsh and ruthless. One kids are all welcome, they are desired and loved, while other young mothers are left in the maternity ward, immediately after birth. These children are unnecessary, superfluous in the life of their parents. Fate prepared for children a severe test, perhaps the most cruel, which can be in life. They are completely alone in this vast world, abandoned to the mercy of fate.

Under the legislation of the Russian Federation, children left in the maternity hospital, thrown to any institution or found on the street, are taken to the hospital, where they are examined

and transferred to the child’s home. From this moment the child acquires the status of orphans and with it the chance to acquire new parents.

Of course, we all love children. We love their amusing faces and sweet smiles, their naive questions and gay laughter. But are people always ready to look into the eyes of those who are left without parental care?

Unfortunately, according to the number of abandoned children in the world, Russia ranks first. To date, the number of such children in our country is more than one million people. Every sixth of them is a “social orphan”, that is, a child without a family with live parents.

Of course, the state always cares of orphans, in some cases relatives or those who are ready to give a piece of warmth to a lonely little man. The only problem is that there are very few such people. Few people are willing to take on the upbringing of such a baby.

In the US, for example, there is a waiting list for the adoption of orphans, there are no children’s homes, so many of these families are taking care of children from other countries. And what

about us?

Many families are elementary afraid, adhere to the peculiar “myths” about foster children. Someone dumps on a bad heredity, someone thinks that all refuseniks are alcoholic parents, normal people do not refuse from their children or the children have physical or mental disabilities and so on can be enumerated to infinity. Only, most likely in the human consciousness there is a social inconsistency, a fear of responsibility that will not cope. And can they love a child? Will a child love them?

It’s all fiction!

Whether a person will be kind, whether he will be able to create his family in the future, to love and raise his children, whether he finds himself in life, is determined not by genes, but depends on people who love him. Psychologists all over the world claim that if a child loves a family, then he finds inner calmness and confidence, feels protected.

A child can learn to love! Learn this, he can only adults! In the hands of people, whether they grow up to be kind and loving, or from human inhumanity, their heart will turn into stone.

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Orphaned writing