Writing about My Mom

It’s hard to imagine that we do without moms! Mom is my happiness and hope. She is the best.

My mother was born and raised in Bakals. Her name is Veronica. I think she has the most beautiful name. It means “bringing victory”. My mother is very patient, flexible, kind, cheerful, energetic and unique. Everyone respects and loves her. She always supports me in a difficult moment.

She has a charming smile, dark hair and brown eyes.

Mom has a beautiful walk. I really love my mommy. When I see her, I want to hug her, kiss her and repeat endlessly: “Mom, I love you!” At school my mother was an excellent pupil, in this I want to be like her. She taught me a lot. At the age of five I was already able to read thanks to the efforts of my mother. Currently my mother is a housewife, so she has more free time with us. I want to thank her for everything.

I think it would be with me if I did not have a mother? Without my mother, there would not

be me in the world. And to live without mummy would be sad. Without it there is no joy, warmth, comfort, and, most importantly, love.

Therefore, we must cherish and love our mothers. We must make sure that my mother was the happiest. Do her so that she is happy and proud to say: “I have wonderful children.”

A student of grade 3a

Mom, I’m so happy with you!

When people ask me about my mother, I always say that she is the best in the world for me. Everyone on Earth has a mother, because mother is an important person in the world.

My mother’s name is Venus. She has beautiful curly hair and big blue eyes, like cornflowers. When my mother looks at me, it seems to me that you can drown in them. Her lips are bright red, like ripe cherries. There is always a kindly smile on her face, which raises the mood. Mother says calmly, in a gentle tone. Listening and talking with her is interesting and pleasant. My mother is very patient, calm. Everyone respects and loves her.

My mother has the most tender hands. Every time before going to bed, she sits next to me on the

edge of the bed and strokes my head. She looks like a sorceress from a fairy tale who can fulfill any desires. I just have time to think about something, as my mother already knows about it. It’s just amazing!

My mother is affable, kind, gentle, affectionate, cheerful. She is able to support in a difficult moment and give the right advice. She is the best. I love her very much, and she loves me, too. My mother and I are like two friends, it’s very easy for me. We all do together! Together we wash dishes, water the flowers and my floor. We like to work in the garden. If something happens, my mother will always listen to me and regret it. She always rejoices at my successes and experiences when I feel bad. When I’m sick, he heals me. She’s my favorite person in life, because if there was not her, there would not be me.

In the winter, my mother and I like to walk along our street, to admire nature, to observe the leaves, the sky, the stars, to dream about anything. We have three moms and dads. We all live very amicably, take care of each other. Have fun all holidays. And for the New Year we together make wishes and give presents to each other.

Many of my girlfriends want to be like artists, singers, and I want to be just like my mother. I really love my mother!


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Writing about My Mom