Composition My Mom

Mom! For sixteen years we have been walking along with you along the Earth. How quickly time flew by, how much we have seen and experienced during these years, Mom! At the age of sixteen you feel already an adult, a person. I became what I am, thanks to your attention. Became not a “mama’s daughter”, but your “continuation.” When I hear from someone: “Arina is all in the mother,” I’m proud of this, believe me. You taught me how to love your neighbor, taught me to work.

I was shown by my example that there is real friendship and loyalty in life, there is a well-deserved happiness, and that all this is born out of love for people. My dear! I owe you so much. I do not know how, but with your mother’s heart you always feel that I’m unhappy: I was offended, did not notice, did not understand. My happiness is in your advice, in your warm hands, in your slightly sad smile. Mom, my dear, I’ll never forget how many nights

you spent near my bed while I was ill.

I will never forget one of your fairy tales told at night, I will never forget my birthdays when you were making a real holiday, no matter how hard and whatever obstacles stand in your way. How much trouble and trouble you have! But you do not demand anything from anyone, you do not expect help and everything, all by itself, you spin all day like a squirrel in a wheel: work – home – family and work again. You can hide your tears, your problems, your troubles from me, so that I grow up quietly so that I do not see your tears. Please do not be sad and do not cry. Life is too short to waste it on tears. And I do not want you to grow old, Mom. Let the birthdays come and go, let the years go by, and you’re still not old! Mom! Forgive me for all the wrongs that I caused you. Why do I sometimes allow myself cruel words and deeds?

To me then and most from it or this it is sickening.. But strangely enough, you do not shout, and as though you remain indifferent. But this is only an outward appearance, but in reality it’s hard for you, no, you are not angry,

it just hurts, it hurts. I never notice it, because it’s selfish. Forgive me that I do not understand your inner feelings for me and sometimes I remain indifferent when you have a cat scratching on your soul. Maybe I want to come up, ask for forgiveness and say that you are the dearest person in the world for me, and that I love you more than anyone else, but something is always in the way. You always tell me: “You will become a mother – you will understand me!”

Of course, you’re right, I still do not understand in this life. A year will pass, and only then will I understand that it’s too late to ask for forgiveness. How then I will reproach myself for all that has been said and the unspeakable, how painfully painful it will be. Mommy, thank you for everything! Dear, dear, beloved, the most beautiful! Let’s never quarrel and never part! Let’s live happily ever after! And we will live together until the days when you will learn the first steps and the first words of your grandchildren and grandchildren. Mom, Mom. Such a native, such a spiritual word carries so many memories, so much warmth and kindness.

You pronounce this word “mom”, and the heart is filled with a beautiful, incomparable feeling – a feeling of love for her, to a single one. And let everyone have her own, Mom, but better than my mother there is no one in the world. Not only gratitude lives in my heart, but also love. This is love, such as can only be the child’s mother, the one that is unique, beautiful and sensitive, which only happens to one person, which will last a lifetime that will never leave my heart.

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Composition My Mom