Writing a war in the fate of a child

Sholokhov wrote the story in a very short time: only a few days. However, the creative history of the work takes many years: between the accidental meeting with the man who became the prototype of Andrei Sokolov and the appearance of the “Destiny of Man” 10 years passed.

The story is realistic, devoted to the feat of the people in the war. The story shows a child in the war. This, in principle, is illogical: a small man and a war that brings grief and death to mankind. Children should not see all this, but Sholokhov shows how much war is merciless and heartless. A child is not a soldier, he is not obliged to fight, his goal is to grow and develop, his parents must take care of him and help him.

A small, defenseless, lost, orphan, he should not bear the burden of such responsibility, because children are not ready yet for adulthood. After all, each person goes through certain stages and these stages prepare a person for everything, jump over this development and immediately become an adult very hard. And what is left for this child?

Wander and save as best I can. And fate, seeing these wanderings, seeing this is no longer a child, but a little man, finds a father for him. And it does not matter if he is already native, or not, it is important that there was a native soul, a father who can be relied upon, which can be heated and fed.

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Writing a war in the fate of a child