My child writing

When Katyusha entered the kindergarten, I (and all the other novice parents) were asked to write an essay about my child. Thus, the methodologist and educators wanted to get to know both the child and his parents. That’s what I wrote.

A child who does not belong to us.

Even before the birth of Katyusha, I read in a book the saying of a wise man that children come into the world through us, but they do not belong to us. When my daughter turned 6 months old, I realized that this is so. I love this little creature, I feel responsible for it, but the child is not a continuation of me, his eyes are looking at me with a different life, and sometimes he looks wary, stern and even reproachful.

Our Katya is the first and so far only child in the family, now she is two and a half years old, and she recently went to kindergarten. Until a year and a half with Kitten was at home I, from one and half to two and a half – grandmother. The decision to give Katya to the

kindergarten was not accidental, we thought for a long time and decided that our child was ready for this. Katyusha only a few times in her life hurted, from birth adhered to the traditional regime of the day, she has a good appetite. She realizes her physiological needs and can express them (asks to eat, drink, sleep, ask to go to the toilet, can say that she is tired or something hurts).

On the other hand, after two years it became noticeable that the framework of home education for the daughter of a close-up. Although we have a very “advanced” grandmother, and she did not just “sit” with the child, but did a lot with him. But all grandmothers have a common feature – they spoil grandchildren. And although our Katya can not yet be called a spoiled child, she is already on the way to this.

It would have been more difficult for us to make a decision about the kindergarten if we had not conducted a kind of “experiment”: for several months, our Katya went to classes to a real teacher, and we saw firsthand the advantages of a professional approach to the organization

of the child’s activities. It was the 308th garden that we chose, because we heard that there is a good pedagogical team, and this, I believe, is much more important than toys and expensive furniture. In addition, most of the children of our yard go here. with whom we are familiar, and with Veronica Paradeeva and Vlad Tuzovoy we have been friends for a year and a half. True, this is still “friendship sweets,” as our Katya said in two years. “I have two lifts – Vyada and Veyanika, we are with them djuzhim sweets and gush” – that is, “to be friends”, she understood how to share something.

Katyusha is a curious and sociable child. She speaks well, she has a large vocabulary, can explain the meaning of some words by selecting synonyms (ice – very cold), forms new words according to the model (a small tractor is a “tractor”, her mother is on a tram – “passenger”).

Our daughter has a good memory, she easily remembers poems, faces, names and surnames of people, stories about some events. I listen with great pleasure to her stories about the kindergarten – it’s one thing when a child repeats something after you, and it’s quite another feeling when you learn something completely new from the child. “This finger wants to sleep – jump into bed!” Last night she “salted cabbage” – she shows all the pens and sentences, and even with such expressive intonations: “cabbage posol, then shake, shake, put in a jar and put it on the shelf.” “Who taught you to salt a cabbage?” “Valentina Viktorovna.” And the pride for the child is experiencing, and the joy of the fact that the child is growing and developing correctly, and sadly a little – the child learns new, reaches out to new people, and it seems, that moves away from their parents. But what can you do, because our children do not belong to us!

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My child writing