Writing what friendship oke

Friendship is mutual sympathy, warmth for each other, readiness to share something useful and valuable, to help in a difficult moment. Personally, I give this definition of friendship between people.

Maxim Gorky in the novel “Childhood” told of one of his first friends. He sincerely fell in love with the boy who lived in their apartment. He was a man much older than Alyoshka, but he was very sympathetic to the baby, he taught him as an adult. Alyosha learned to be honest and frank with a friend, to tell the truth even about unpleasant things, and he listened attentively to Aleshkin’s sorrows. By chance, a senior friend was telling the boy about the world around him: about the proud nature of cats, about the stupidity of chickens and a friend.

But my father is friends with his best friends for twenty years, since the graduation from the university and getting a job. Repeatedly they rescued each other in difficult situations. Therefore, I can say that their relationship is verified by “fire, water and copper pipes.”

My father, although he is a man, helped a friend take care of a sick mother, when that “blood from the nose,” but had to spend all his time at work, to earn money for her treatment. Then Dad helped and buried that woman, to spend the last journey in a human way.

Examples from life and literature have taught me that in true friendship there are no stereotypes, there are no principles like “I do not do this, I disdain it, but I’m afraid of it, and I’m trying to.” And yet there are no standards in friendship: “You can be friends with such people, but you can not deal with them.” The soul is drawn to the person without distinction of age, sex, education and social status.

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Writing what friendship oke