Mom, dear mother

We will eternally glorify

The woman whose name is Mother.

Musa Jalil

Sensation of why the shelter, its heat – this is a natural need of man. Anyone who forgets his father’s threshold remains a man without a past, without a pedigree, they are called “Ivan, relatives who do not remember.”

The feeling of why the house appears in childhood and grows stronger every year. Of course, in the first place it is connected with the mother. We come to this world small and defenseless and immediately immerse ourselves in the warmth of motherly love and care, we hear her tender voice singing over our crib. From all this, children’s memory develops, the feeling of the native amulet of childhood. You believe that my mother’s kiss will heal the broken knee, you know who to run for protection. In the maternal view, you will never see falseness and cunning, he always radiates generosity, kindness, sincerity. The eyes of the mother seem to see

right through you, they peer into the soul, and then you feel a special affinity with it. Every cell of your body senses: this is my mother! And there is nothing more precious than this feeling in the world!

For every child his mother is the best in the world. My mom is really the best of moms. Our whole family is friendly and happy thanks to her. We have three. And all the boys. Mom sometimes jokingly says: “Not three boys in the family, but four.” This is what she means when she pisses with us on equal terms. At these moments, Mom sighs that God has not given her a daughter. But we know that it’s not serious, that she loves us all very, very much.

The main thing in our mother is that she always, as I understand now, was considered with the peculiarities of our characters, never tried to break, subordinate, humiliate. Punishing for sins punished, but never humiliated us, because I saw in every person. My mother taught us to stand for each other, to help always and in everything, to help out from difficult situations, to remember that in the world there is nothing more expensive than a

strong family, where one for all and all for one.

I am the youngest in the family and always thought that my mother loves me more than anyone else. But one day a disaster came to our house. My older brother Oleg received a serious injury in training, which chained him to bed for almost six months. During this time, I realized: mothers give their love to weak children, helpless, who need daily support and care. Mom left the work for this time. It seemed to us that she had forgotten all of us. All her time and strength belonged to Oleg. We were at first confused, and then gradually began to understand that our duty to my mother and sick brother was not to let our family fall into decay without my mother’s custody and control. We learned how to manage the economy: to wash, clean, even prepare lunches and plan the budget. We were faithful to what our mother taught us: a person should find help and support first of all in his family. And when trouble left our house, we celebrated not only the recovery of my brother. We rejoiced that we stood, stood, did not give up our positions: neither in studies, nor in home affairs. Whether jokingly, or seriously, my mother said: “I will not be ashamed of you, boys, for your future wives.” We laughed amicably: our very kind, wise, sweet, the best mother in the world, made a very unexpected conclusion for us.

The role of the mother in the life of society as a whole is of a social nature. The future citizen is the first knowledge of good and evil, about “what is good and what is bad”, about a responsible attitude to everything from the mother. Mothers create the foundation of that personality, which will soon become a full-fledged member of society. Mothers love us for nothing – just for what we are. Therefore, for each of us, mom is an incentive to become better, smarter, kinder, do everything so that she is proud of her children.

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Mom, dear mother