Love of all ages submits to writing

During our life we ​​hear a lot of words about love many times. She is submissive to all ages, she is a dangerous path and so on. Words are familiar from childhood, but we start thinking about love only with age.

Children love everyone. For them there is no difference in love for a kitten or relatives, they never hesitate to talk about it. Honestly and openly. The child proudly says that he loves his mother and father, even he is ready to shout to the whole world about this. And his cat and parrot.

Over the years, children grow up, becoming teenagers, and everything changes. They also love someone, but a completely different love, which they hesitate to talk about. Holding all the senses in the hidden corners of your soul. Sometimes, to hide a tender feeling, behave, on the contrary, boldly. They start to deny, resist love, do stupid things.

Passes time and already recent teenagers, become young people and girls who are looking for a couple. And when they find,

they again find themselves in the power of a wonderful feeling. Now they do not want to hide their love. In this period they are no longer ashamed of their feelings. And, on the contrary, they try to do everything to make the loved one close. The lover shows by all actions how important to him is another person. And now a couple has formed, which after a while becomes a family.

A few more years pass and young people become parents. Love between them remains, but it changes and one more is added to it. This is the love of children. Everything around them is filled with love. Their thoughts, hearth, life.

Years later, the elderly husband and wife are still tenderly treating each other, but love is filled with gratitude for the past years, for moments of joy and sorrow, for patience, for intimacy, for compassion. The feeling is transformed, but remains in the soul, despite the age and the passed life.

Nobody is eternal and at some point one of the spouses leaves this world, and the other remains faithful, as before, in spite of the gray hair and the absence of a half nearby.

But it also happens that already at a very old age, a lonely person meets another lonely. And they begin to love each other and decide to live the rest of their lives together.

All this only proves the validity of the well-known expression: “Love of all ages is submissive.”

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Love of all ages submits to writing