The composition of the war on literature

Until today, I watched the parade on the day of victory only on TV. I know that on that day there was a great victory of the Red Army and the Soviet people over the fascists of Germany.

I know my great-grandfather only from my mother’s stories. He was a participant in two wars – the Finnish and the Great Patriotic War. When my mother was little, he sat her on his knees and told about how he fought. She still did not understand much

The Russian soldier is a unique personality not only of Russian history, but of the whole world. The Russians showed their steadfastness and courage. Russians are afraid, and respected all over the world. Even at a genetic level, they understand

War is a difficult test for any person. During the war, you have to experience debilitating physical and psychological stresses. A person does not know what lies ahead and only at the most difficult moment understands how happy he was before

When war comes, it does not matter

who you are. You can be a woman, a man child. The war spares no one, therefore all its population, as well as people of all ages, take part in it. A woman in war plays no less important role than a man

When I say only the words “Great Patriotic War”, I immediately think of fighting and fighting for my homeland, many years have passed, but that pain is still in the soul and hearts of people who lost their relatives in those days

The most difficult war in all history, which was in this world is the Great Patriotic War. For a year she experienced the strength and will of our people, but our ancestors passed this test with honor.

Everyone who lives in Russia must know his history, so as not to repeat past mistakes and know the structure of society. War, how much is invested in the meaning of this word. Grief, sadness, loss, cohesion

All people living on earth know about wars. They are always talked about, remembered and, of course, afraid of the repetition of these terrible events in our time. Parents and teachers at school, constantly remind and tell about all horrors of wartime


always spoke about the Russian warriors of the Battle of Borodino, as brave, courageous and loyal defenders of his country, his family. I can say that it is these main qualities of soldiers that are the main victorious force of our army.

The ninth day of the last month of spring is a significant and important holiday not only for the Russian people, but also for many people of our planet.

Undoubtedly, war is the most terrible, ruthless and harsh word in the world. It brings people only the worst: suffering, grief, tears, hunger. The war will never bring happiness even to the victor. She is very cruel.

It’s hard for me to imagine how much hatred people should be in people so they can kill their own kind.

In the war, not only the cruelty of people is manifested, but their stupidity. A person is called reasonable. But, in my opinion, he does not deserve such a name if he takes up arms. Of course, any war can be prevented, and this task lies with politicians. Their main duty is to settle any conflict peacefully. But, unfortunately, these people do not always cope with such a duty. In our time the problem of war is very urgent.

An example of the mistake of politicians and cruelty of people can serve as a war in Iraq. The US government acted recklessly, which led to the death of both Iraqis and Americans. The whole world watched these events with a sinking heart, everyone saw the grief and suffering of the civilian population. The war broke their habitual way of life, made their well-being impossible. The war is over, but it has forever remained a black stain in the minds of many thousands of people. Peaceful people in Iraq do not see improvements in their lives. Military actions only destroyed houses, and the same new rulers came to replace the old regime.

I would like to wish the governments of all countries that, using any means, they would not allow a new war to arise, so that future generations would not be ashamed of our reckless actions.

So, I’m for the fact that in our lives music sounded forever and that in the destinies of people the sounds of developing shells are never heard.

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The composition of the war on literature