Composition on the theme “The inhumanity of war”

War is a terrible word. The war takes thousands of innocent lives, destroys destinies, brings physical and moral torment. Are all the global goals of at least one human life worth? BL Vasiliev, a Russian writer, raises in the text the problem of cruelty of war.

The author wishes to draw the readers’ attention to the bravery of the battled. To do this, Boris Vasiliev recounts the legend of an unknown soldier who defended the Brest fortress from the Germans. The author admires the courage of the defender, because he fought alone to save the country. “A year of fighting in the unknown, without neighbors left and right, without orders and rear, without a change and letters from home.”

Boris Vasiliev also talks about the old woman who lost her son Nikolai in the war and arrives in Brest every year on June 22. The author notes that the woman does not leave the station, but reads the inscription all day on a plate that hangs at the entrance to the station. BL

Vasilyev wants to show how important it is for a woman to know that her son was a worthy defender of the Fatherland. “We do not need to explain anything to her: it does not matter where our sons lie.” What matters is what they fought for. “

The position of the author is clear. War is a cruel ordeal, a terrible time that takes the lives of brave defenders and innocent unarmed people.

I fully agree with the opinion of the author. It is impossible to overestimate the cruelty of war, because it takes away the most precious thing a person has – life.

I will prove my point by referring to the novel-epic of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, which describes the events of the war of 1812. ” Petya Rostov is still quite a young boy. But, seeing the danger that threatens his homeland, he decided to go to battle. Petya asked his father to arrange him for service under the threat of escape. No matter how tried his mother, Princess Natalia Rostov, to persuade his beloved son to abandon this idea, young Rostov insisted on his own. Petya went to war, but did not return from there. He died

with dignity, like a real soldier, a soldier. But how much pain Petya’s death brought to his parents! LN Tolstoy, this episode showed how the war took the lives of very young boys.

Another example that confirms my idea is the events of the Great Patriotic War. When it was announced, many of the boys went to the front when they finished school or did not finish school. They were forbidden because of their young age, but they still ran away, because they knew what the danger threatened their homeland. The Soviet Union won this war, but at what cost! Tens of millions of dead and wounded. Each family had a loss, an irreparable loss. There was no father, husband, brother or son. They are all heroes, after all, they did not spare their lives and defended their Motherland. This war did not spare anyone, even unarmed people in the rear, who were impatiently waiting for the end of the horror that was going on around. Among them, too, were many dead.

So, war is a terrible phenomenon that people should avoid, because its victims are human lives. I want to believe that in the future such cruel ordeals will not happen again.

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Composition on the theme “The inhumanity of war”