Writing about love

Love is the most beautiful feeling on earth, given to a man from above. Love is the most incomprehensible and mysterious phenomenon in the emotional life of people. It is love that makes us commit rash acts: good and vice versa. A happy love inspires a person, makes him able to soar above the earth.

Each of us saw a man in love, perhaps in his place: how happy his eyes are! They sparkle like stars on a moonless night sky. The walk becomes light and weightless: behind the back, invisible, unfortunately, for others wings. A person in such a state opens up previously unknown in himself capable talents and talents. One wakes up a poetic gift, the other takes up brushes and paints. Lovers want to shout to the whole world about their feelings. Their heart, soul and mind are too full of emotions to remain silent.

But completely different feel those who had the misfortune to experience a love disappointment or loss. Their hearts are bursting with pain and anguish. Life completely

loses its meaning. For such people, the only question is: “Why should I have such a life if there is not someone near whom I love more than anyone else in the world?”. Thoughts about the reduction of accounts with life more and more often visit the unfortunate. Nothing can bring him back to his old life. Only after some time the pain subsides, leaving a deep wound in the heart.

Perhaps later, people who have suffered a heartache will not be able to give and respond to a bright feeling, fearing new blows of fate. They will talk about humanity in the – the, they will talk about love for him. But all this is just empty words.

Mankind, in my opinion, really is much easier to love than a particular person. This love does not require either daily confirmation, no matter what costs – material or spiritual. All mankind will not be able to make claims on trifles, will not argue and quarrel about and without.

True love for mankind begins with a love for your loved ones, for those who surround you. And let the banal phrase “Love your neighbor” does not seem to us as something

unreal and supernatural: great love begins with a small one.

Love is not just beautiful words. Love is a great work: daily, stubborn, sometimes even too heavy. Having fallen in love with a person, you are obliged to take care of him, to be always near at the right time. Knowingly when marrying, lovers swear to be together “in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy.” Without mutual respect, without patience with one another, even the most passionate love can not last for many years.

It is interesting that couples who lived in marriage for 40-50 years, the main rules of happiness called these qualities: patience, attention, respect. And, of course, responsibility for each other and for each other without this can not do. It is very important that everyone feels a reliable shoulder, which you can rely on in a difficult moment. I think many will agree that without all of the above, love is not possible.

But in order to learn all this, you need to see in your man your “soul mate”. You have to learn to restrain your emotions, if something irritates you in the beloved: it’s better to say calmly to him about it. Working on oneself is the hardest thing in love. But it is also important not to “overdo the stick”: do not humble yourself, grovel before a person. True love, such sacrifices are completely useless.

Of course, it’s easier not to start a serious relationship if there is no desire to work. But years later, looking back at his life and not finding anything worthwhile in it, his heart would hurt painfully from the days spent aimlessly. No wonder wise people said: “Love is easy to buy, but difficult to keep.”

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Writing about love