“I love my city” composition

I live in the best city in the world. Because he is handsome, he is dear. Then I was born, grew up. Then my friends, parents. It was in this city that I took the first steps, I said the first words, the first time I saw the most native person on earth: my mother. Every street, every house here is familiar to me. In my city the most beautiful sunsets are, they are brightly scarlet, then tender pink, then mottled orange. The most charming blossoms. The most blue sky, which is covered with soft snow-white clouds, like a sweet cotton wool. The greenest grass on which I and my friends ran barefoot in childhood. The brightest sun, which woke me all my life in the mornings, with its warm, gentle rays. If it rains, it’s not just water from the sky, it’s such a weather that makes you think about the meaning of life, rain, knocking on the sills of cozy houses and apartments, plays a melody that touches the soul. In my city in the morning everyone rushes about their business, with a

smile on their faces, everyone is happy with the new day and in anticipation of luck go and smile to passers-by.

There are so many memories with my city. Then I heard the school bell for the first time, it was in this city that I learned the world. If I’m going somewhere, I really miss home, school, local streets, parks, where it was very fun to walk.

I do not know how you can not not love the city with which your entire past is connected.

Many complain that they live in a dirty city, where there is no place to walk, where there are many dangerous places, they say this with outrage. But they do not think who is to blame for this. People spoil the environment by their ignorance, their laziness.

They do not want to fix anything, organize voluntary groups that will help keep the city clean. People just complain about the shortcomings of the city, but they do not want to change anything. Just think about who is to blame for everything. And start correcting your mistakes before it’s too late. And only then the city will begin to blossom and delight all its residents with its appearance

and good ecology.

It does not matter whether your city is big or small, only what people live in it is important. And what is their desire to improve their place of residence. And if you try, then any city can be turned into the most charming, cleanest, most cheerful city in the world. It is important only to understand this, and set a goal for yourself.

Whatever they say about my city, for me it is always the best in the world. And I do, and I will do everything possible to make it get better and better. And although, I believe that you just need to take care of what you have. And to love your city not for the scale and size of the population, but for the fact that this is your native land. For those pleasant, positive, unforgettable moments that you experienced in this city. For what is your family here. For the fact that you were born here and spent the best years of your life – childhood!

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“I love my city” composition