Composition about the Pope

Composition about the Pope

For me the best, beautiful, kind, intelligent and wonderful man on Earth will always be my dad. It was my father who threw me to the ceiling as a child and tickled a cheerful laughter. It is with my dad that I’m not afraid to walk on the street at night and it is up to him to tell about his offenders, knowing that behind him I will be like behind a stone wall.

It was with Dad I was not afraid to watch even the most terrible films, because he always smiled so creepyly in funny moments and commented with humor on what was happening on the screen, that I was not afraid at all, but on the contrary, very cheerful. And of course, just my beloved dad could always guide me on the right path, help me with the right advice in a difficult situation, help out and help.

For me, the pope has become a real support and support in my life. I sometimes had such situations when it was very necessary to hear advice from a man. And in that case, I always turned to my dad, who never refused help, but always told me what to do and how. After all, our parents want their children to be the happiest and they succeeded.

Besides, my dad taught me to never give up before difficulties. Thanks to him I firmly know that one always needs to go only forward. And if something does not work out, then you should not give up, you just need to be patient, make a little more effort and achieve what you want. After all, insoluble problems simply do not happen!

I really love my dad, so I try to do my best to make him proud. I try to study well and get excellent grades, because when I tell him about my successes, my eyes light up with joy for me. In addition, I try to help my mother around the house – cleaning in my room, helping her prepare a delicious dinner or dinner, which Daddy always likes so much.

In conclusion, I want to say only that I was very lucky with my dad – he is my best!

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Composition about the Pope