Composition on the theme “I love my Motherland”

At the mention of the word “Motherland”, immediately before my eyes there are pictures of all the most important for me, beautiful, expensive and beautiful. Wonderful nature of native land, all kinds of houses, a native street, favorite neighbors and friends. One thought about all this warms my heart. From all of the above, he breathes kindness, warmth, spirituality and something truly true to his relatives.

A very large list refers to one small word “Motherland”. First of all, this is our small house, which was inherited from my grandmother. It does not look like modern, smart buildings made of bricks. This is such a mud hut, a small one with small windows all of its kind reminiscent of close people who are no longer with me and about childhood, about the wonderfully spent years. We come to the country with the whole family and with pleasure from early spring, we work in the garden in the late autumn. A large garden in which more than twenty fruit trees

are pleased not only with their beauty and aroma but also with plush fruits. I really love this modest estate, and for me there is nothing more expensive in this life.

Then my own school. Despite the fact that she is not one hundred years old, she has a pretty good look. Every year the native building is repaired, restored and in every possible way trying to preserve the spirit of antiquity. Probably, not only for me the school building is part of the homeland, part of life…

The fields surrounding my village are so big, endless and affectionate plentiful crops. They are located in large hills and give the impression that they are hiding us from something. Somewhere far away are the forests and plantings, and between them a small river emerges. These chic landscapes are somewhat reminiscent of paintings by famous artists. And how many songs about them are sung and lyrics written…

The expanses of my homeland are boundless. You can travel all the life around cities and towns, you can tell and describe the beauty all day long, but everyone has their own understanding on this matter and, what

is native and beautiful for me – can be alien and indifferent to someone else. If you look at one side, everything is the same, and on the other – everything is so different. Elementary birches… at us they equal, harmonous and high, and somewhere these trees twisted and low.

If someone asks me: “What does it mean, for me the Motherland and for what I love her?” I will boldly answer that in the first place, is the place where I was born, where I live. I love her for the environment, the beauty and the presence of people dear to me.

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Composition on the theme “I love my Motherland”