Love for the Fatherland composition

What high meaning lies in the words of the motherland, love of the motherland. For each person these words contain something of their own, personal, special and something general, more significant. Thinking about my homeland, I think about that great, beautiful country in which I was born, I connect the concept of homeland with the complex and interesting, rich and sometimes tragic history of my native land. I feel proud because I am part of this country, part of this big world.

I’m Russian. Russia is me. After all, my state is not just a piece of land with its climate and form of government. The state is us, the people who inhabit it, including myself.

I was born in Russia, I live here. But this, it seems to me, is not enough to be called a Russian. To love Russia is to notice our problems, difficulties, troubles. Much needs change in Russia. I, as probably many, are concerned about the state of the environment. I’m doing photography. I was already convinced

that it often happens this way: you will concentrate on the main object of photography, then you print the picture and you see, for example, that behind the beautiful detail of the house in the foreground is a peeling wall with ugly graffiti, and the children’s company positively poses, against the backdrop of an ugly wasteland, more like a garbage dump. You can not see much at once, but you must see such things! In my opinion, it is worth considering how to improve this world at least a little. At least try to do what you can. I think, life will immediately change for the better. Unfortunately, very few try to improve anything. I’m sure that all Russians and Russia should be inextricably linked. When we help to solve problems for some people, our Homeland reduces its problems.

I try to improve myself and, a little bit, the world around me. I strive to undertake any difficult work that is interesting for me and try myself in something new, achieving my own little progress.

Let these are insignificant and insignificant, at first glance, things, but if my example is followed, then these improvements

eventually grow and return to us. In this I am more and more convinced of my own experience and I hope that I am not alone in my striving to understand and realize the full responsibility and meaning of the words “I am a Russian!”

Every day, taking care of our cares, we do not always remember our country, we identify with it. We just live. But if we manage to feel ourselves as something greater, if only through a sense of unity with our country and people, then our life acquires a completely different meaning, a different sound. Probably, the state is when you are not alone, you are many.

Like every phenomenon in the world, in every country there is something good and bad. The same is true in Russia. Statistics have recently noted the increase in drug use, the intensification of interethnic conflicts, the drop in the level of education, the birth rate, which in no way outweighs mortality. These are all the problems that the nation must face, the whole people, and therefore each of us, if we want the concept of “Russians” not to become merely historical, disappeared. But I think that we will manage. “Go Russia!” – this is the name of the article by President Dmitry Medvedev, who, paying attention to many problems, can not but believe in the future of such a great and powerful country as Russia.

I feel like a Russian not only because I just love Russia, that I was born here, that I feel it in many things. To Russia, I am also bound by some inexplicable sense of duty towards my Motherland. I hope that I will carry this feeling in my soul after many years, and then the notion that I am a citizen of my country will be filled with high meaning.

At the word “Russia” I imagine huge expanses leading to the horizon, snow and the indispensable sun above it, the smell of fires in the morning mist, where the rustle of blooming apple trees is heard, and even the big yellow sunflowers and white birches, and the already discolored, brown autumn leaves near my house, covered with first fragile snow. And Tyutchev, Fet, Tolstoy, Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Tchaikovsky, Shishkin. Flight Gagarin and the Great Patriotic War. But these are just representations, associations. Russia is much richer. Russia, which goes back centuries and has been brought to the shores of our time today.

My Russia… That Russia that changes us, me, and we, in turn, still can change it. The feeling of your country is the feeling that you need to educate yourself. Sitting at home with a cup of coffee, it is difficult to understand the events that decide the destiny of the state, and therefore my destiny. In the world, everything is interconnected. Coffee can be drunk in any country. And you can feel unity with your people only in your state. Your country is a feeling of something big and great.

I hope that in the future I will be able to do something more. The more I grow up, the more I understand and comprehend the surroundings, the more I want to change and improve it. In the future, my opportunities will change. Then I can not ask myself: “What can I do for Russia?” Then I will say: “I can do for Russia!” Then I can be proud of what I do for her.

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Love for the Fatherland composition