Review on the story of Boris L. Vasilyev “And the dawns here are quiet.”

There are many books in the world, I can not count all their lives. But I want to talk about the work, where the deeply troubling problem is touched upon – the problem of war. Boris Vasiliev – one of the authors of works about the Great Patriotic War. He was born and lived in Smolensk. But the war began, and he goes to the front in the ranks of volunteers. After going through the war from beginning to end, Vasiliev brought from the front the main thoughts and ideas of his future works written in the seventies. One of the works of “lieutenant prose” is the story of Boris Vasilyev “And the dawns here are quiet.”

In this story, Vasiliev describes the life and death of five anti-aircraft gunners. Those who came to the war voluntarily, almost unable to shoot, they perish at the hands of fascist intelligence, defending themselves and the Motherland. Women and girls, very young and young, war does not set boundaries for age and sex, here everyone and

everyone is a soldier. In the rear were Germans, and every soldier felt his duty to the Motherland, to stop and destroy the enemy at all costs. And they will stop it, but at the cost of their lives. The narrative is conducted on behalf of the commandant of the Vaskov siding. The whole story is based on his memories.

Within the framework of the postwar period, there is a narrative of the past horrors of inhuman war. And this plays an important role in the ideological and artistic perception of the story. This story was written by a man who visited and passed the whole war, so all of it is written believable and exciting, with a vivid highlight of all the horrors of the war. The author devotes his story to the moral problem of the formation and transformation of the character and psyche of the individual in the conditions of war. The plaintive theme of the war, unfair and cruel, the behavior of different people in its conditions is illustrated by the example of the heroes of the story.

Each of them has its own attitude to the war, its motives for fighting the fascists, except for the main ones, and they are

all different people. And it is precisely these soldiers, young girls, who have to prove themselves in the conditions of war; someone for the first time, and some do not. Not all girls show heroism and courage, not all remain firm and persistent after the first battle, but all the girls die. Only Sergeant Major Basque remains alive and brings the execution of the order to the end. The topic of war is relevant at any time, because people are dying there. And the author, with the help of his talent and skill, was able to prove once again its relevance. All the hardships, injustice and cruelty the author describes with inimitable simplicity and brevity. But this does not harm the perception of the story. Scenes from the life of girls are capacious and brief, but give a complete picture of each heroine. In his characters, the author shows different types of people, their behavior, and this is in Vasiliev, in my opinion, it turns out especially well. Vasiliev is not just a writer, but a writer and psychologist. And this he learned not from books, but life itself, or rather, the war taught and helped understand the psychology of people.

After reading the work of Boris Vasilyev, it seems to me that everyone will often think about the war with its senselessness and consequences. This work should leave an indelible impression in the modern generation, so that everyone thinks about the war not to happen again. After reading “And the dawns are quiet here.” It seemed to me that I myself, together with the girls, had been in combat conditions, had seen the enemy and the death of anti-aircraft gunners. This again emphasizes the skill of the writer. In my opinion, the work is written interestingly and convincingly, all truthfully and naturally. Every detail, from the description of the trip, the forest, the roads and ending with the heroes and scenes of their death, is important for a single, whole perception of the story. And Boris Vasilyev, I think, has not exaggerated anywhere. I can not say that this book is my favorite.

One, the most beloved book is very difficult to distinguish from the variety of books. I believe that the work is written at a high level, simple and accessible to any reader. In our troubled times, such works are simply necessary, so I wanted to talk about one of them. It is the skill of such writers as Vasilyev that reveals and emphasizes the inhumanity of war. And it seems to me that such works as the story “The Dawns Here Are Quiet.” Are relevant and sound like a warning to us.

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Review on the story of Boris L. Vasilyev “And the dawns here are quiet.”