Joy of life essay

Unfortunately, most of us in everyday life are accustomed to focus only on negative emotions. The daily routine of affairs and worries drags a person into a whirlpool of hopeless existence, and he voluntarily deprives himself of big and small daily joys.

It is only worth thinking about and it becomes immediately apparent that sincere joy is always and everywhere available to any of us. Nyklyaev sharpens his attention, on the habit of others embarrassed by his joy. You do not need to hide joy! You need to learn the culture of joy! ” the author calls us.

The author of the text talks about finding joyful world perception and the importance of creating a culture of joy. This problem is very troubling to the writer. The very position of the writer is clear and obvious. He holds the opinion that choosing the path of joy, it is easier for man to resist life’s difficulties and deprivations many times. And even in the most tragic moments, the chosen principle of perception

of life will preserve it, as in his time he saved Mikhail Prishvin.

I am very close in spirit to the position of the author. I agree that the lack of a person’s ability to rejoice deprives him of the main thing – a long and fruitful life, a belief in himself and others.

A soldier of the Red Army – Sokolov, from Mikhail Sholokhov’s novel “The Fate of Man”, serves as a vivid example of the fortitude of the spirit and the ability to find joy in life. even after suffering terrible deprivations and life shocks. Passing through the loss of the family, the death of his son, the captivity, Sokolov did not break down, he did not lose hope and found the strength to take up an orphaned boy, giving him and himself the joy and meaning of life.

Another example of worthy of imitation is the fate of the Paralympians. Bright, tragic, all so piercing and different, but all united by one of the most important qualities – the ability to find the joy of life, not looking at anything and despite everything!

Oleg Kretsul, already being the vice-champion of Europe in judo,

got into a serious car accident, in which his wife was lost, and he lost his sight. But Kretsul not only could cope with the circumstances, but also return to the sport. becoming subsequently the champion of Europe, the world and the winner of the Paralympic Games in Athens and Beijing. Becoming an example of courage, faith in yourself, an endless stream of optimism and joy.

Each of us needs to learn how to experience joy even in a series of monotonous and difficult everyday life. Find joy in simple moments of being, forming a joyful world view.

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Joy of life essay