My future profession translator essay

Many people from childhood know who they want to become. Most often, when asked about the future profession, children respond that they want to become cosmonauts, firefighters, actors, doctors. I’ve been sure since my childhood that I want to learn several languages. How to apply this knowledge, I did not yet guess. At school we learned languages, and I decided to take another foreign language course, which was not so common, but studying it undoubtedly gave me great pleasure.

My parents were against my going to study at the Pedagogical University, because they believed that all educated people should know languages ​​and this is not a serious profession at all. In this matter, I had to argue with them. When I finished school, I chose what I liked, despite the risk of quarreling with my parents. They took my decision normally, and I was glad that I did it my way, because the choice of a profession will determine my future life, which will be for me, not for parents and


The profession of a translator is very common throughout the world. It’s not enough just to learn the courses to become a good interpreter. It is necessary to finish the university and constantly replenish your knowledge, as well as constantly to be in the profession, as the language has the property to forget over time. In our time, the work of translators is facilitated by new technologies, for example, electronic translators, which can be freely found on the Internet.

It seems to me that this profession is very creative, even when listening to the translation of foreign films, one can understand this. If the translator is talented and competent, the film will be much more interesting than when the translator does the work without enthusiasm and does not have a sense of humor. To become a good interpreter, you need to be a fairly erudite person and understand the topic on which the text for translation is written.

As a consequence, you have to read a lot. The work of the synchronizer interpreter is the most difficult, because, at times, these people convey the meaning of important political and other negotiations. They must know two languages ​​so well to avoid the slightest mistake. To achieve good results, you need to work very hard and overcome obstacles, but I am confident that I will manage.

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My future profession translator essay