Art in the life of modern man

Art in the life of modern man

Art is a part of the spiritual culture of mankind, a specific kind of spiritual and practical mastery of the world. Art refers to the varieties of human activity, combined artistic-figurative forms of reproduction of reality – painting. architecture. sculpture. music. fiction. theater, dance, cinema.

In a broader sense, the word “art” refers to any form of human activity, if it is done skillfully, skillfully, skillfully.

All the diversity of the world around us and the attitude of a person to him, thoughts and feelings. ideas and ideas, people’s beliefs – all this is transmitted by a person in artistic images. Art helps a person to choose ideals and values. And so it was at all times. Art is a kind of textbook of life.

“Art is an eternal joyful and good symbol of man’s striving for good, for joy and perfection,” wrote the famous German writer T. Mann.

Each art form speaks its own language about the eternal problems of life, about good and evil, about love and hate, about joy and sorrow, about the beauty of the world and the human soul, about the height of thoughts and aspirations, about the comic and tragic life.

Different types of art are mutually enriched, they often borrow means of expression from each other. It is not by chance that there is an opinion that architecture is frozen music, that this or that line in the picture is musical, that the epic novel is like a symphony. And when they talk about any kind of artistic activity, including about performing skills (creativity), they often use such concepts as composition, rhythm, color. plastic, line. dynamics, musicality – common in a direct or figurative sense for different arts. But in any work of art there is always a poetic beginning, what constitutes its main essence, its pathos and gives it an extraordinary power of influence. Without an exalted poetic feeling, without spirituality, any work is dead.

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Art in the life of modern man