“The Search for the Meaning of Life” essay

The meaning of human life is a philosophical concept rather than a logical one. Every person on earth is unique – he is a person. And as a person, he has a set of qualities inherent only to him, which form his character and worldview. Depending on temperament, upbringing and hereditary factors, vital values ​​and views of a person on these or other questions are formed.

The meaning of life is laid in the mind of a person in the process of life. Throughout life, understanding the meaning of life can change. So, for example, if in his youth a person sees the meaning of his life in a merry pastime with friends, then by the mature age his values ​​can radically change, and he begins to see the meaning of life in family happiness, tranquility, coziness.

It also happens that sometimes a person loses the meaning of his life. This is a difficult and difficult test, during which he has to rethink the whole life he lived in search of a new meaning. After all, a person without a sense of life is a spiritually dead person. The loss of life’s meaning makes a person’s life aimless and useless. Living such a life, a person simply can not be happy. People have certain needs: eating, sleeping, communicating, loving. It is the satisfaction of needs that brings joy and satisfaction to human life. The meaning of life is nothing more than an irresistible desire to satisfy some need.

What is the meaning of human life? There is simply no unambiguous answer to this question. Everyone sees the meaning of life in something that: for someone the meaning of life lies in wealth and fame, someone can not live without a favorite work or hobby, and someone just lives for the sake of loved ones. However, sometimes it is useful to think over the meaning of one’s own life. It helps to understand yourself, to set specific goals in life and to exert all efforts to achieve them.

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“The Search for the Meaning of Life” essay