“My goal in life” is writing

We all aspire to something in our lives. We want to become someone, have something, somewhere to visit. The goal in life is a beacon, without which it is easy to get lost on the path of life. Therefore, it is very important to determine in which direction it is worth moving. In my opinion, the goal in life can be what you want, which allows you to develop, and also benefits other people.

The goal usually means the end result. For example, we learn to get the necessary knowledge and a certificate. However, during the training we spend a lot of unforgettable minutes and hours, experience positive emotions, go through tests. The very process of studying is important and interesting, we develop our abilities, learn to communicate. And those who simply “served a number” go to school, only because one can not not walk, avoid being involved in school life, lose a lot. It turns out that the path to the goal is as important as the goal itself!

It is often said that the

goal differs from a dream in that it requires us to act actively. But it seems to me that dreams help us a lot in determining what we would like to achieve in life. Goals are born out of dreams. In dreams you can be free, not to think about limitations and the inability to get what you want. And when you feel that this is it, what is important for you in life, it’s time to turn a dream into a goal – to figure out how to achieve it and act!

Goals are big and small, noble and selfish, but they lead us through life. They say that a person stops in development when he has nothing to strive for. Each new goal is a way to learn something unknown, learn new skills, develop your abilities and talents. However, it is important that our goals do not harm us – do not take away all the time and do not spoil our relationship with loved ones, and also do no harm to anyone.

As for me, my next big goal in life will be getting a good profession. I think this is a very important and responsible step, because beloved work makes a person’s life really interesting, and the inappropriate turns into a heavy burden. I want my future profession to be connected with people. Most likely, I’ll go to study psychology, I think I have the ability to understand and help people. Of course, I have many more less global goals – to buy things that I like, go abroad, drive a car… Some of them are still at the stage of dreams, but I believe that the dream gives us inspiration to achieve our life goals!

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“My goal in life” is writing