The essay on “Life success: how I understand it”

The life of every person can be considered worthy, if he has achieved something in life. For each period, different achievements and successes are characteristic. At first we strive to finish the school, the institute, to get a prestigious job. For each person, life success is a different concept, depending on the values ​​of life. Recently, people are increasingly eager for material goods.

It is believed that life was a success if a person is financially independent. Now we are hardly able to give up those amenities that make life easier. But this is not all that is needed for happiness. Health of close people, their well-being are even more valuable.

I believe that non-material benefits are also the basis for achieving life success. One without the other is impossible.

We can say that each of us has different requests. More and more often people go to rest abroad, they buy more expensive things, they strive for individuality. A few dozen years ago much of this was not available. But this alone does not make a person happy, successful. I think that it is worthwhile to strive for the creation of a prosperous family, so that the family has a way. In any case, the main thing is that all efforts are not in vain, and brought the expected results.

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The essay on “Life success: how I understand it”