Without effort, there can be no beautiful and joyful life

There are truths that need not be proved particularly. One of these truths is that labor is the basis of a beautiful and joyful life.

Indeed, only labor makes our life beautiful and meaningful. Rarely does man succeed in life without much difficulty. Such cases of the unit: a huge inheritance, winning the lottery, luck in business, rare luck – that’s all, perhaps! And most often a beautiful and joyful life is the blood and sweat of intense, sometimes incredible, work. As an example, many Western millionaires can serve – from periodicals and television programs I know that these people, secured for many generations, have achieved material well-being by twelve – and sixteen-hour daily work. And almost all of them continue to work. And it’s no accident! Apparently, the very process of labor, its results are so joyful and even intoxicating that it is almost impossible to stop working for these people.

But you can not be a millionaire, but live joyfully and beautifully through your work. Look at our scientists, who are paid pathetic pennies for the titanic work. How happy they are that they are doing what they love! On such people the society also keeps. Someday, God forbid, these people will be appreciated and rewarded for selfless work and materially. But they, perhaps, would not need this much, if not for their families, who also need to be fed and put on their feet.

The most real happiness is the satisfaction of the work done. There are not many people who have such a feeling recently, but they are, and they are really happy.

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Without effort, there can be no beautiful and joyful life