The essay on the meaning of life

Think scientists, philosophers, poets think about the meaning of life for millennia. And it seems to me that I understand the meaning of life. Of course, I understand it in my own way. And not by the mind, but by sensations.

There is a feeling of life when you feel every cell: you live. Every minute you are acutely aware of the joy of life. That’s it to this feeling people seek all their lives. And it is in it that they all see its meaning, although they explain it differently. They explain differently. Someone – serving the Motherland, someone – personal material gain, prestige, success, someone – the benefit of society, serving people. Someone sees the meaning of life in the family warmth and the continuation of the family, and someone – religion, in philosophical ideas, in extreme, passion, power over others.

But in fact, all these are just the ways by which a person comes to the desired feeling of the fullness of life. Personally for me, as for many other people, life is filled with meaning through the love of people dear to me. This is the most beautiful way, as I believe. Love in general fills this world with meaning, and one day it will save it. As Vladimir Vysotsky sang: “I breathe, which means I love, I love, and that means I live.”

I believe that in reality people do not live for the sake of goals, but for the very process of life. Possibility to feel every drop of rain falling on the shoulders of a summer day. Or to see how the sun’s rays shine through the green leaves of the trees. Have the opportunity to talk with other living beings, exchange thoughts with them.

And different goals in life for people – this is actually a means to feel alive, to feel more and more life, more and more pleasure from it. In general, more and more to experience life in all its manifestations: joy, experience, happiness, love, passion, anger, sadness. The meaning of life is its top.

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The essay on the meaning of life