Life Values ​​essay

Many adults say: “This is how the current youth lives? It does not even have vital values, what we had!”. What do they mean?

Life values ​​for me are what makes life worth the price. The price in this case is not measured in money. Values ​​are what I will live for, I will set goals, I will achieve them. Life for me is the greatest value, which has only one drawback – it passes, and no forces can return the wasted time or unexpectedly broken life. Parents teach me not to waste time in vain, not to spend priceless vital moments. To me and my friends for 15 and 16 years, it seems that the infinity is ahead. And if you ask your grandparents if their life has passed quickly, they answer “I flew by, I did not even have time to recover.”

For me, family and family relationships are very important. All habits, behavior patterns with strangers or friends, we from early childhood take from the family. There are also the concepts of “disadvantaged

families” and “difficult teenagers”, and they are inextricably linked. Children are the reflection of parents and I want my reflection in the mirror of the future not to be crooked: I will create a strong, loving, faithful family in which everything is built on mutual respect and understanding.

To create a family, I will need the strengths that I will take in sports. Sport is health that you can not buy for any money (although with modern equipment it is possible). It’s a way to discipline yourself, learn to set small goals and achieve them. Working on a sports schedule, I’m learning to plan life. Schoolchildren have little worries, but when I go to college or get a job, the ability to plan and properly distribute loads will come in handy.

Around us everything is moving, changing, developing – this is life. Movement can be different: running around in a circle, running in a wheel, or moving in a spiral. It all depends on what everyone chooses for himself, most importantly, not an aimless existence and not running in the wheel. I would like to change my life for the better. And not only my life, but also life on a world scale. Everyone comes to this earth with a certain task that must be fulfilled, the main thing is to understand one’s purpose.

I do not know yet what my mission is in this life, but I will definitely make the right choice and be a responsible, loving, loyal, sincere, healthy person who can change the world for the better.

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Life Values ​​essay