An essay on Nesterov’s painting “Autumn Landscape”

Well, boundless expanses, boundless forests and fields, the immense distance of the Motherland. All this is one great love of the author for his creations. Nesterov’s landscapes simply fill the spectator’s soul with pride and inspiration, for native lands and spaces are the most valuable thing that remains in human memory, wherever it is and wherever it goes.

The author allegedly takes pictures, so that, looking at them, the house of the native and the lovely walls are remembered. However, devoting this life, Mikhail Vasilyevich Nesterov allegedly became not an artist, but a writer, then that his works were the peak of poetic skill, the horizon of human imagination and fantasy.

By right, one of his best works is the painting “Autumn Landscape”. On the canvas is seen a forest, slightly located in the distance, however, such a native and close to the heart. This forest is located on the opposite bank of the river, so that immediately, looking at the picture, understand that, being away from home, you will not cease to see it.

For the artist, what turned out to be important was what was behind the river. What seems so close, but at the same time so far away. Why fall? There is nothing strange about this, because autumn is a time when everything fades and says goodbye to everything until the spring, before the heat comes. And let her just start painting the trees and grass, but still there are green areas, because here still the summer keeps its reins. The trees burning with the autumn crimson seem to glow under the pressure of the next mistress of the situation. a little shy, aim their branches in different directions.

And how full of a river! As if she could take with her this fall, this sadness and sadness, which autumn will bring with her. And let it not be so cruel, but to say goodbye to the warmth and light nature is not yet ready. On the water, you can not see a wave or rustle, it is absolutely serene.

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An essay on Nesterov’s painting “Autumn Landscape”