Good teacher essay

Is the teacher a profession or a vocation?

The teacher is one of the oldest professions on earth. Even in ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome, people revered for their intelligence and knowledge, became teachers. And it was considered a great honor to become a disciple of the philosopher, to comprehend the secrets of the world. Examples we know from history: the teacher, for example, Alexander of Macedon was an ancient Greek scholar and philosopher Aristotle. And who knows, Alexander would become such a great warrior and king, if not for the lessons of his mentor.

Many believe that the teacher is a profession from God. Not even a profession is a vocation. Indeed, how many soul qualities a person who wants to become a teacher should unite in his character: firmness, boundless patience, rigor and softness, trust and the ability to be an example in everything. And most importantly – love, love of life, the learning process, and above all, the children. Still L. Tolstoy noted

that a good teacher is someone who unites love for his work and love for his students.

From a young age, we are surrounded by teachers. They reveal to us the secrets of numbers, explain the laws of nature, introduce the masterpieces of world culture. They open the doors to us in this beautiful world, filled with the joy of recognition. Real teachers teach us not so much about science, how much they learn, how to find the source of knowledge. They awaken in us the craving for the good, the light. It is these teachers who inspire.

How much in a person’s life depends on who will be his teacher. After all, teachers give us not only knowledge of the subject, they teach us life, educate in a little man the ability to rejoice and love, hope and believe, be strong and courageous, hardy and true, intelligent and confident in their abilities. Thus, the ancient Greek philosopher Plutarch wrote that the disciple is a torch that needs to be ignited. And only the real Teacher can do this.

And Dmitry Mendeleyev remarked: “All the pride of the teacher is in the pupils, in the growth of the seeds sown

by him.” Indeed, for the discoveries of scientists, for the achievements of professors and scientists, teachers always stand. We become adults, choose our own way. But in each of us there is always a piece of the soul, presented to us by the teachers. It is not by chance, even after many years, we so step into the threshold of the school and remember with such warmth our teachers.

Those who want to become a teacher in the future will have to go through a big school of life. And choose this profession is only for those who feel the vocation – to be a teacher, mentor, friend, counselor and an example in everything.

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Good teacher essay