The Russian language in my life is an essay

My name is Nikiforova Inna, I’m 12 years old. I live in the wonderful city of Norilsk. I want to write about the great, beautiful and mighty Russian language. I became interested in the power and splendor of the Russian language relatively recently, thanks to interesting lessons in the Russian language, which our real professional conducts – my teacher.

I believe that every teacher is worthy of love and respect. I really like all the teachers who teach me, but most of all – Mormyl Vera Vladimirovna. It leads us a wonderful subject – the Russian language and literature. Thanks to my teacher, I fell in love with this subject and I want to seriously study the Russian language. I read a lot of fiction and enjoy the richness of the language. We should be proud of our language, which is recognized by the whole world as one of the most melodic languages. No wonder our poets called that every word of the Russian language is a pearl. In addition, the Russian language

is one of the richest languages ​​in the world. He is also one of the most developed languages: he has a huge lexical fund, is marked by high imagery, has a rich phraseology. But language is not only a means of communication! Through language a person is known, its social and aesthetic ideals, spirituality are determined. In addition, language is a state of the soul of the whole people, it indicates its dignity, level of development…

The Russian language is the national language of the great Russian people. I am Russian and very proud of these! With the help of the Russian language one can express the subtlest shades of thought, reveal the deepest feelings.

Language connects people, unites the people, because in it its history, its traditions, its memory. Language is the main sign of the nation. To preserve this treasure, our language, we must study it, talk on it and be proud. Since the people live while his native language lives.

The significance of the Russian language in our time is enormous. Modern literary Russian is the language of international communication in the modern world,

and today the influence of the Russian language on other languages ​​is increasing. Russian is my native language is a living connection of times. With the help of the language, a person realizes the role of his people in the past and present, is attached to the cultural heritage.
The Russian language is the national language of the great Russian people. Russian language is the language of newspapers and magazines and fiction and science, government institutions and educational institutions, radio, cinema and television.
Language is called one of the most amazing tools in the hands of mankind. However, you need to use it skillfully, having studied all its features and secrets.

You can kill a word,

You can save a word,

In short, troops can follow the story.

Our language is an important part of our overall behavior in life. And by the way a person speaks, one can judge about the level of erudition, upbringing and education of a person.

The more competent a person is, the more demanding he is for his speech, the more he realizes how important it is to learn a good syllable from remarkable Russian writers.

I am grateful to all the teachers who teach me, and especially Vera Vladimirovna, who helps to develop our abilities, conducts propaganda of the culture of Russia and the Russian language.

It is hard to imagine how much effort, work, soul and patience teachers put in each of their students, so that they grew up successful and happy people. I believe that our education depends on teachers.

Do not you dare forget the teachers!
They are worried about us and remember,
And in the silence of the thoughtful rooms, They are
waiting for our returns and news.
They miss these meetings infrequent.
And how many years have not passed,
Teacher’s happiness is composed,
From our student’s victories!
And we are sometimes so indifferent to them, We
do not send them greetings to the New Year.

And in the bustle, and simply out of laziness,
Do not write, do not go, do not call!
Do not you dare forget the teachers!
After all, the best thing about us is from their efforts,

Teachers are famous for Russia!
Students bring glory to her!
Do not you dare forget the teachers!

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The Russian language in my life is an essay