“My life values” essay

Life values ​​are a very broad concept that covers, in fact, all spheres of human life. Values ​​can be both material and moral. Someone can give preference to money and career growth, while another person pays more attention to self-development, and the third is to take care of health for their family and close friends. But in any case, each person has values. Everyone pays much more attention to something than anything else. And this choice is completely individual.

Life values ​​occupy an important position in a person’s life. From them depends on making any decisions – from choosing a book to choosing a profession and even a life partner.

The definition of values ​​for themselves depends not only on the person, but also on his upbringing, the environment, the living conditions and the culture of the country in which he lives. In different epochs there were different values ​​and among the representatives of different countries values

​​too often will differ.

Lately many people have reinterpreted life values. And now it is more important for them to earn money, and not to find a job that will be interesting and will become a favorite. Because of this value, people often forget about their families and friends, pay little attention to their health.

Life values ​​can also change throughout life. Often this depends on what kind of environment a person fell into, with which people he began to communicate, to which country he moved. Another can affect the new hobby or just the age. With age, many begin to rethink life and values ​​that were important throughout this life. A man who does not regret anything is a happy man. But not everyone can boast of this. There are people who, only years later, realize that they have not prioritized correctly and now something needs to be done about this.

Many do not think at all and do not pay attention to their values, considering any question. And this only complicates the decision making, which can significantly affect the further life.

Of course, no one is immune from error, but the choice of life values ​​must be very careful, because the fate of the person and his environment depends on them. The right choice of values ​​is important to make the right decisions and not to regret them in the future, but just to be a happy person.

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“My life values” essay