The computer in my life is an essay

Unlike many people, I take a computer very positively. This is the greatest invention of mankind! People have created a universal machine with which you can do one hundred things: read, watch movies, draw, print, draw, count, find useful information, retouch photos, create cartoons and videos.

Still it is possible to communicate with people at which the most different hobbies which live though on other end of a planet. It is not necessary to be limited only to those people who live in a neighboring yard, and to impose themselves their hobbies.

I can continue this list to the end of the essay, so that it is clear how useful the computer is.

Often a computer is compared to a TV and they say that they both steal time from a person. But I have a different opinion. Yes, it is harmful for a long time to sit in front of the computer for health and for the person, because the person does not move, spoils the vision and does not communicate with living people. But what is the fault of the computer. A person steals time from himself, not a car.

The TV is not useful, because in front of him the person is sitting passively. He sits, he claps his console, and the picture is shown to him. With a computer is another matter! With him all the time you need to act! Even read and write all the time. So even more interesting than sticking out of the TV.

And the computer makes you choose what you really need. If people did not learn to choose, they would spend their whole lives in front of the monitor.

The computer in my life occupies an important place, but I can do without it for a long time. Just need to remember all the time that the computer was invented in order to facilitate life, and not replace it. And to expand the capabilities of man, and not narrow them down.

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The computer in my life is an essay