Caring essay

Caring essay

Care floors. Caring ties people together. Binds the family, holds together the friendship, binds the fellow villagers, the inhabitants of one city, one country.

Track the life of a person.

Man is born, and the first concern for him is the mother; gradually comes into direct contact with the child care of his father.

Gradually children become objects of ever higher concern and themselves begin
to show concern for the real and broad – not only about the family, but also about the school, about their village,
city, country.

Care is growing and becoming more altruistic. 3a children pay care for their old parents when they can not repay for the care of their children. And this concern for the elderly, and then for the memory of the deceased parents

seems to merge with concern for the historical memory of the family and the motherland as a whole.

If care is only for oneself, then the selfish grows up.

Caring unites people, strengthens memory of the past and is directed entirely on the future. This is not the very feeling – it is a concrete manifestation of the feeling of love, friendship, patriotism. A person should be caring. An unconcerned or carefree person is most likely a person who does not love anyone.

Morality is highly characteristic of a sense of compassion. In compassion there is a consciousness of one’s unity with mankind and the world (not only with people, peoples, but also with animals, plants, nature, etc.).

A feeling of compassion (or something close to it) makes us fight for cultural monuments, for their preservation, for nature, for individual landscapes, for respect for memory. In compassion there is a consciousness of one’s unity with other people, with the nation, people, country, the Universe. This is why the forgotten concept of compassion requires complete rebirth and development.

A surprisingly correct idea: “A small step for man is a big step for mankind.” There are thousands of examples: to be kind to one person is worthless, but it is incredibly difficult to become a kind man. It is impossible

to correct mankind, to correct oneself is simple. Feed the child, transfer the old man across the road, give way to transport, work well, be polite, courteous. all this is just for the person, but it’s incredible for everyone at once. That’s why you need to start with yourself.

Goodness can not be stupid. A good deed is never stupid, for it is unselfish and does not pursue the goal of gain and “smart result”. To call a good deed “foolish” is possible only when he clearly could not reach the goal or was “false-good”, mistakenly good, that is, unkind. I repeat, a truly kind act can not be stupid, it is beyond judgments from the point of view of the mind or not of the mind. So good and good. (L. S. Likhachev)

What should be the norm in the relationship of people? Care. Of course, care! It is necessary that parents take care of their babies, so that children, having grown up, pay their parents the same. It is important that care is selfless. Then life will become brighter, old age – more beautiful. Then the memory, culture, history will be preserved. Caring is the pearl that beautifies people’s relationships. It’s about care that is said in the text of the famous journalist DS Likhachev. Speaking of care, he reveals the problem of the relationship of people in society. This problem is especially urgent nowadays because in the modern world there is a rethinking of spiritual values. In this regard, people’s relationships change. Unfortunately, often not in favor of morality…

The author believes that caring consolidates relations between people. Binds the family, fastens friendship, fellow villagers, residents of one country. And so all my life. Likhachev argues that a person should be caring. An uncomfortable person is not capable of loving anyone.

I can not disagree with the author. It is people who do not love anyone – a misfortune for the family, are dangerous for society. How sad our life would be if surrounded by such people. How beautiful it is when we are surrounded by caring family members, neighbors, colleagues. It’s no wonder that our children prefer artistic works with goodies. For example, students with admiration tell of the self-sacrificing care of the hero of the story VG Korolenko “Children of the Underground” Valek about his sister Marousa. What sincere compassion in their eyes, when Marousia is bad. In my opinion, it is thanks to artistic works that our children become more sensitive, caring. You just need to be able to present these works.

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Caring essay