Composition on the theme “Joys of life”

To define the feeling of joy and explain it, in my opinion, is quite difficult. We feel the load of everyday cares and responsibilities much more sharply, and we experience sadness or sadness than small, daily joys.

But it is only worth stopping and listening to yourself, as the many facets of simple life joys open up.

Such a feeling is like joy, a natural part of human life. After all, moments of joy are different. There are simple, such, which brings our body and its sensations. For example, the joy of eating an ice cream on a hot day or a slice of a delicious cake at a party. A pleasant fatigue after jogging through the park, playing football, as well as the joy of affectionate sun rays on the cheek and the scent of blossoming lilacs in the garden. A simple pleasure from a morning sweet sleep on a day off, when there is no need to rush anywhere, but only the soft paw of your cat and the smell of freshly baked grandmother’s pies will wake you up.

But a great

place in our perception of the world is occupied by spiritual joys, those that relate to our feelings and thoughts. These pleasures are more complex and are experienced much deeper. Reading an exciting novel or novel, will make you feel the itch of desire for a long time, quickly find out what will happen in the book. The conversation with the best friends will give a feeling of lightness and joyful excitement, and mutual love will make life start playing with new colors.

I want to say that a sense of joy, everyone feels in their own way. Someone with the highest happiness will seem fine delicacies, buying a fashionable jacket or the latest model of the phone, and someone in the joy will be the achievement of another record in the sporting event or helping homeless animals. But if in the first case, the joy of owning a thing will be short-lived and very soon the new thing will cease to give pleasure, in the second case, the sense of satisfaction with the result achieved or done with a good deed will accompany a person for a long time, filling the life with a new meaning.

Emotions caused by joy and happiness

are a necessary need of a person, without them a person dies and loses interest in life. That’s why, to deny yourself even in small simple joys is pretty silly. The main thing is to be able to distinguish simple pleasures, from low and primitive ones, such as feeling of envy, passion for expensive things or gluttony.

We need to enjoy life and be in constant search for new and worthy sources of joy. After all, many remain at the level of perception of simple, physical pleasures, completely forgetting the joys of a much higher order.

How many new pleasant sensations can you get from an ordinary trip to a new, unknown place, bike trip or swimming in the lake. And what a sense of joy will be presented to the flower beds and young bushes planted with their own hands! On the very wasteland, which for many years spoiled his view of an abandoned courtyard. How much sense of satisfaction will give a self-prepared dinner for the whole family! These joys, make us better, allow us to develop and rise above simple instincts.

Learn to rejoice, and to rejoice rightly and deeply. Then your life will certainly be brighter, more diverse and much more complete!

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Composition on the theme “Joys of life”