“Love of the Fatherland” essay

Fatherland, Motherland is the place where we were born and grew up, where our relatives, friends and relatives live. Homeland is the Motherland, on which we are happy, where we are well and cozy. Homeland – this is the place about which we are told by dads and mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers. If there is a danger, I think that everyone who loves his land, his Fatherland, will rise to his defense and will not pass by, because he values ​​them.

What does it mean to love the Fatherland? It means loving the dear heart of the region, its rivers, lakes, meadows, forests, fields that seem unusual to us.

For me, the best is the Krasnodar Territory, namely – Slavyansk – on – Kuban. Very cozy, pleasant, warm place with good-natured people, with their amazing dialect. Here I grew up, everything to me here is native: the river, on which we went to bathe with the guys. What a pleasure to fish in it! The streets, which seemed to us long, where we walked,

frolicked on warm summer evenings. Trees that seemed to us large, flowing straight into the sky.

And what kind of winter we have, with big snowdrifts, with ice everywhere in the same streets where we slept.

And what kind of gardens we have in our native “Garden – Giant”, like huge green seas with ripe, delicious fruits.

We live in an extraordinary place, where a unique nature, climate. Where the hot summer, early springy spring and snow caps of the mountains. Golden Autumn and the unfading green grass carpet.

Is it possible to forget the first encounter with the sea. Mysterious waves, rushing in a race, rustle about the coastal sand. Multicolored buoys, stretched garlands on the sea surface.

I love my land, my city! During the time, lived in the homeland, we have a lot of events: the first steps, the first word, the first love – happy and joyful moments, sad and sad. And all this happens on the native land and nowhere else. Together with her, we are all experiencing, and, in turn, rejoice for her happy moments and sad for the sad, as she is for us.


homeland is where we want to be, where our soul relaxes and rests, where everything pleases us, where everything seems to be the most beautiful, the best, and we all feel it in our region.

Love for the Motherland is already in us from the very beginning, is transmitted with the mother’s milk. Then it expands, grows with us as we grow. After all during this time, we are beginning to love more and more.

You can not impose love for the Fatherland. Everyone must understand and feel everything himself.

Leaving our native land, we are very bored and sad, remembering everything that happened there with us. We await with trepidation the return.

I believe that every person, whoever he is, should remain a patriot of his Motherland. To love her, respect her.

Wherever fate will not bring us, wherever we are, we will always stay in our homeland, at home.

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“Love of the Fatherland” essay