Culture essay

Culture. How often do we hear this word, what is its meaning and what does it mean? The culture of speech, the cultural man, the culture of nutrition, etc. There are many definitions of this concept, for example: “Culture is human activity in its most diverse manifestations, including all forms and ways of human self-expression and self-knowledge, accumulation of skills and skills by man and the society as a whole and skills. “

In my opinion, culture is human behavior. society as a whole, as a result of which humanity displays its best qualities, adjusts itself to positive and creative thinking. Culture is a set of rules, as a result of which society can become much more harmonious.

Culture is a broad enough concept that includes the following concepts: beauty, politeness, goodwill, tolerance.

Culture is divided into material and spiritual, and each country, each person is so important to have these two components. You can not just collect material values, without spirituality they will soon become empty, unnecessary things. Material culture includes everything that is connected with the objects and phenomena of the material world, their production and development. Spiritual culture is the totality of spiritual values ​​and human activity in their production, development and application.

Everyone should take a direct part in the maintenance of the culture and its further development.

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Culture essay