Composition in the genre of portrait essay

Katerina refers to people, communication with whom is always a storm of positive emotions. By nature, this is a very open, optimistic and cheerful person. But at the same time, she is a little childishly naive and emotional. Brown, mischievous eyes, light blond hair, smooth hair, melodious voice, soft and benevolent nature, allow her to find a common language with strangers. She is a very interesting interlocutor and can easily start a conversation with any person, on a variety of topics. She always has an answer to all questions, and she answers with a pleasant and open smile. People attract in her naturalness, easy character, ability to look at friends in a friendly way directly in the eyes, and high tact in the manner of communication. Katya made the first impression on me, like a pretty one,

At first glance, Katya is a typical girl who does not stand out from the crowd. Low growth, pleasant facial features, light, slightly golden, with a soft oat shade of hair and brown, like

water-written eyes. To all this, add a minimum of make-up, worn jeans and a sports jacket and a portrait of an ordinary, no different from the other girls. And yet, there is in her something extraordinarily attractive, something that makes you look at her, as if through the prism of mirrors, reflected in which, she no longer seems such an ordinary and simple person. Opens a charming, interesting nature, able to inspire, cheer, and if necessary, and comfort one inspired word. She can be trusted, knowing that she will always listen, support, inspire, and if there is such a need,

Our first meeting, as it may sound prosaic, took place at work at the kitchen table. That day at dinner, I sat alone and was completely absorbed in my thoughts. Katya entered the room and, wishing me a pleasant appetite, sat opposite me. When I looked up, an image of a fair-haired, lovely girl with a mysterious and charming look appeared in front of me. That day she was in a sport coat, which looked very funny on her, but at the same time brought in her image something simple and open. Perhaps, it was this openness and simplicity that prompted

me to start a conversation with her. From the conversation, I learned that we have a lot in common with her. So in the company Techhome we settled almost simultaneously, and yet I was struck by the fact that our past job was also almost identical. Even more I was surprised when I found out, that she collects rare rocks. I was so surprised because I myself, before entering the institute, was obsessed with collecting stones. Even at the first conversation I came to the boyish delight of how colorfully and vividly she can depict events, as if merging into the described image.

As it turned out later, Katya is fond of not only archeology, but also participates in evening dress shows. After reviewing the archive of her photographs, I was even more impressed with her nature. I never could even imagine that one person in different situations can look so different. She is like an actor of the theater, who easily and naturally changes “faces” and images. In some of the photographs, her style, refined and elegant, resembles a fine work of a sculptor made of rock crystal, but on others it looks so simple and realistic that sometimes it seems that these are absolutely two different people. But no matter how her appearance changed in the pictures, her eyes always remained unchanged – always open, shining, radiant, clear, attentive and kind.

Katerina had a great influence on my life, filled her with new colors and impressions. She does not stint on praise, makes them always to the place, and if the situation so requires, it can support, encourage and inspire new beginnings. After communicating with her, there is a belief in yourself and your strength. She supports and approves of all my ideas, ideas and new beginnings, and at the same time she never doubts my strengths and abilities. And this her faith makes me more confident, I stop doubting the correctness of my actions. Oddly enough, this sounds, but her faith in my powers allows me to really achieve success in everything, for whatever I undertake. She has such priceless human qualities as kindness, reliability, self-confidence, intelligence and responsiveness. Communication with this person is always inspiring, inspiring, raises spirit and mood. Katya presented me with many life lessons and presented a lot of unforgettable moments. I would like to thank her for this and say that I am very glad that I have such a charming friend…

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Composition in the genre of portrait essay