What is the culture of speech

Culture is a kind of code of laws and rules, according to which a person should behave in a certain way in different situations.

Culture should be inculcated from childhood, first of all by parents, and also by the society in which a person rotates. Cultural books certainly serve as books, enriching our thoughts with cultural fuel.

About different manifestations of culture in society you will learn from the article What is culture for?

Culture of human speech

Terminologically, the culture of human speech is understood as the possession of the oral and written norm of the language, as well as the use of artistic techniques and expressive means in speech.

In practice, however, the culture of speech is primarily a spiritual component of the individual, the way a person looks at the world, self-reflexes and analyzes, then verbally expressing his point of view or opinion on some issue.

The culture of speech testifies to the cultural and spiritual

heritage of a person, how much he respects his native language, on which he supports communication in society. To be able to speak beautifully and, most importantly, competently speak and express – a whole skill, such a subject as “culture of speech” is now introduced in all faculties of universities as a mandatory discipline, because the communicative component of modern life plays an important role in the functioning of many processes. From what we say, we formulate sentences, we connect the thoughts together, the perception of us as an interlocutor depends.

Your opponent in dialogue can immediately tell you what your cultural experience is, how much you read and analyze. Discipline “culture of speech” is aimed at promoting the language norm and artistic language tools, as well as defining the boundaries of cultural language behavior.

As we have already said, the concept of a culture of speech is not only a linguistic component, but also a certain spiritual experience of the individual: the aesthetic and spiritual perception of the surrounding world.

The culture of speech

should stimulate a person to make his speech richer and more interesting, because it will help express yourself and your opinion more fully and capaciously.

The culture of speech incorporates elements such as courtesy, attentiveness, respect, which makes communication between people easier and free and does not hurt someone else’s opinion.

The level of the culture of speech reflects the way of life of whole peoples and in our possibilities to use correctly the cultural and spiritual heritage. For the functioning of a cultural society, each individual should try to maintain, first of all, his personal level of the culture of speech, replenishing the vocabulary with new words and expressions, because the language is not static, but a constantly developing element.

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What is the culture of speech