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Essays “Music in my life”

In the beauty of musicality,

As in motionless specularity,

I found the outlines of dreams…

In life, we are surrounded by a variety of different sounds. singing birds, falling rain drops, peals of thunder, city noise, the rustle of leaves, the buzzing of bees, the voices of people and animals. And, of course, music. It comes from everywhere. from TVs; tape recorders and radio; from classes of music schools; from concert halls, conservatory; from passing cars and windows of apartment houses. Music is the most mysterious of all arts. She is able to express the subtlest movements of the soul, not subject to the word.

For me, music is an opportunity to get away from the bustle and the troubles of everyday life. I have been fond of it since early childhood, and my parents, especially my mother, have a great merit in this. An important step in the world of sounds was for me a music school. My parents were happy when I went there. They bought me a piano and from our apartment began to reach first inept, and then more and more confident musical sounds. The music school taught me to listen and hear music. understand it, know its history.

Music for me is not a hobby, it is a component of my life. as a family, children, work, friends…

My interests are also versatile in music. I like classics, rock, jazz, folk melodies, author’s songs, any music… It’s just that. so that it was consonant with my mood, so that it would soothe, then disturb, then awaken my imagination, then make me remember something good or forget the bad.

For me, music is a feeling of harmony of the most complex experiences. Music is joy and unity.

Without music in my life it would be empty and lonely.

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Music in my life Essays