Composition of the animal world

Composition of the animal world

For two hundred thousand years man and animals live side by side on planet Earth. During this time, not only the appearance of man and animals changed, but also the relationship between them.

At first man used animals as a source of food. Primitive people went hunting and killed animals for meat, skins, fangs. Scientists believe that when a person learned to hunt, that is, he learned to get high-calorie food – there was a jump in his development.

After many centuries, man tamed some species of animals and they became his assistants. This is very well said in R. Kipling’s fairy tale “A Cat that Walked by itself”: “A dog guards a house, a horse drives a man, a cow gives milk”.

In order to benefit more from animals, a person began to

take care of them, to create better conditions for life, to feed and treat them. Nowadays, many parents buy their pets for their children, so that they learn to take care of someone from childhood. Today for many people pets are best friends. They help to survive emotional upheavals, they are treated at a difficult moment. Many people know that it is worth it for a cat to lie down on a sore spot and purr, the pain recedes. And horses, dogs, dolphins are specially trained and used in the treatment of nervous diseases, especially in children.

Artists and writers find their inspiration in watching animals. Singing birds, galloping horses and even attacking a pack of wolves are devoted to poems, pictures, songs. Many inventions were made by man through the study of animals. For example, the zipper was invented on the principle of a bird’s feather, and the plane – according to the principle of flying a bird.

We must not forget about the benefits that the animal world has brought and continues to bring to man. Therefore, you need to protect it and take care of its preservation. Despite the fact that man is considered the king of nature, I still believe that people – guests in the animal world and every disappeared species – is the death of a part of this world!

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Composition of the animal world