Composition on behalf of an animal

My name is Murka, I’m a cat. I was born in a box, which people put in the entrance. Next to my mother and brothers was warm and soft, but when we tried to get out of the box, it immediately became very cold. My mother said that it was winter and blizzard in the street, and we were lucky that we were allowed into the entrance. It’s strange, why?

Once a girl approached our box, she stroked us all and left. The girl smelled pleasantly with something delicious. Later, she returned and brought us milk. It was so fragrant. The girl came several times, bringing us some food. She liked me, she had warm hands.

One day a woman came into the entrance, she was wearing an orange vest, and she had a shovel in her hands. The woman looked tired and angry. She said something about the fact that the cats were bred, and carried our box to the street. At once it became very cold, and cold white flakes began to fall on my nose. Mom ran after the woman and asked her not to do it,

but she did not understand.

Then my mother jumped into our box and tried to close us from the cold. All of us under it did not fit, my head remained to stick out from the outside. I saw how our familiar girl ran out of the entrance. The coat on her was unbuttoned, she stopped and began nervously gnawing around. Then she noticed us and came over. The girl shouted something to a woman in an orange waistcoat, and then took our box in her hands and carried it back to the entrance. She did not take our mother with her.

I thought that the girl would return us to the entrance, but she carried the box up the stairs and we were at her house. The girl was talking to her mother about something, and then she began to cry, I felt sorry for her. Mom stood silently, but then stroked her head. So we stayed in their house.

Sometimes on a visit to the girl came her friends, then one of us was taken away. In the end, I was left alone. I was given a name and now I live with them. They are good, they are my family.

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Composition on behalf of an animal