How beautiful this world is composition

As soon as I learned the topic of my future work, the spirit of contradiction was immediately awakened in me. How much in the world is everything cruel, disgusting, unfair! How can you call the world beautiful afterwards?

But after thinking, I came to the conclusion that most of the world’s bad things are done by the person himself. People offend neighbors, pollute nature, arrange wars. But the truly “peaceful world”, without wars and resentments, is really beautiful.

It’s so beautiful that the sun shines. The fact that it warms the earth just enough so that a person can live on it. It’s great that it’s summer rain, wetting the dry land. It’s great that one night after the rain the green grass grows. And is it not a miracle that we can see it, breathe in its fresh smell. In the end, to feel barefoot her softness?

Of course, beautiful white snow in winter, sparkling in the sun. A bird is beautiful, waving its wings in the sky. This bird, like everything in the world, is arranged so simply. And at the same time so difficult and wise!

I think that in the world the most ordinary things are remarkable above all. Is it not a miracle that we can walk, talk, think? And the fact that a person is capable of loving, burning with feelings for another person? Draw pictures and write poetry?

A person often forgets about the beauty of the surrounding world or tries to spoil it. Man is always unhappy, he thinks his life is not good enough. If something does not work out for him, homo sapiens can even commit suicide, forgetting that he has been given a whole world. People are clogging their heads with thousands of small cases and worries! But you just need to stop and look at the world around you. “How in the song is sung:” How beautiful this world is, look! “

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How beautiful this world is composition