Composition is my favorite animal dog

I love all animals, but most of all I like dogs. A dog is a true friend of a person. I fully agree with this statement. These animals bring joy to a person, they are always ready to play with you, and whether it’s a ball, a stick or a bone. They protect their territory from strangers and protect their masters. Dogs are devoted to their master, they are easy to tame and teach.

There are a lot of breeds of dogs. There are little dogs, there are big ones, there are furry and short-haired, there are red, white and black. Every dog ​​breeds exactly that dog, which he likes more. But they are all loyal to their masters, whatever breed they are. They attach themselves to their masters, like no other animal. Dogs feel the changes in the mood of the owners and take over the experience.

Sometimes it happens that the behavior of the owners of dogs leaves much to be desired, but dogs still consider them to be the best and favorite.

You need to take care of dogs. They give us warmth and love, protect us and our home. Often our four-legged friends treat our diseases. If they do not see their master for a long time, they start to get bored and sad. But when we meet again, we are very happy, because the dog is waiting for us very much and rejoices at our arrival.

Dogs are the most faithful and devoted friends for us. They need to be loved and just to enjoy what they have, to know that someone is waiting for you at home, misses you and loves you.

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Composition is my favorite animal dog