“Man in the modern world” composition

Man and nature exist side by side since the very creation of the world. The earth and nature gave and gives man food, helps to quench thirst, delight his eyes in the spring with a sea of ​​beautiful flowers, summons people to relax under the shade of trees, and in autumn will enjoy the beauty of crimson leaves rustling under their feet.

But unfortunately, as humanity develops, humanity is further away from nature. We spend time not in the forest, but on computers on the Internet, plants are being built, because of which a lot of polluting elements are emitted into the air every second, water is polluted, soil is polluted, which gives life to a lot of plants, the air itself, which we breathe, is polluted. And how many animals have been exterminated by a man in pursuit of money, how many of all living things have been listed in the Red Book because of extinction!

Of course, we can not all go to the Green Party, sharply become vegetarians, or refuse to wear fur coats from animal fur. But still we must try to do what is in our power to preserve the nature of the primordial and beautiful. Simply it is worthwhile to understand that nature is alive and if we want to enjoy its benefits, then it is related to it with love and respect.

And this means that walking along the street you can not tear a twig from the tree, throw trash on the street, after a picnic in nature it is worth carefully to put out the fire and clean up the lawn. These rules are not at all complicated, and if each of us fulfills them, we will make a small, but still appreciable contribution to the preservation of nature. Simply, we should not consider ourselves tsars of nature, but we must strive to become her friend, who cares about everything that surrounds him. And then, even after many, many years, our great-great-great-grandchildren will swim in the clean river, breathe fresh air, admire the wonderful flowers and run barefoot on the emerald grass…

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“Man in the modern world” composition